Partner solutions

Empowering partners to deliver innovative ITAM software and service solutions to their customers.



Empowering partners to deliver innovative ITAM software

and service solutions to their customers.

Partner Workflow

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Market advantage

Automating manual analysis significantly increases the speed of delivery. It lowers overhead, which, paired with the lower barrier to entry provided by data-agnostic tooling, grants a significant competitive advantage in the market.


Fast return

Automating tasks commonly performed by expensive resources on a global scale combined with the commercial advantage and customer values that this automation brings, profit increases considerably compared to manual processing.

Partner use cases

Build or accelerate ITAM services with little to no resources

Automate existing manual processes

Offer value-added services/technology to customers

Co-brand/white label technology for customer self-service

Improve accuracy and consistency of license project deliverables

Drive software sales through our supported software app and more

Fill the software licensing knowledge and resource gap

Increase engagement profitability with automation

Cater to varied customer data availability and resources

Create a profitable ITAM service with a low investment

Partner ROI Analysis

Discover the transformative impact and ROI of the Licenseware analysis automation.

Success Stories

"We are now saving upto of the time to deliver a large project."


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License Compliance Experts

A great team and an effective and essential solution to help ensure control in the management of software assets and avoid unnecessary risks. With Licenseware we have achieved savings up to 50%.

by Pedro Cuadros Fernández, Principal License Compliance Consultant


Excellent experience with the Licenseware team. The members, the know-how, the platform, and the technology behind it, all combined brings good value to our customers and internally.

by Andre Guerreiro, Managing Director


Our collaboration with Licenseware has been great from the start. They have such a positive attitude, have answered all our questions and helped us implement a tailored solution with efficiency. We’re now saving a up to 50% of the time required to finish a large project. This allows us to focus even more on the quality of our deliverables.

by Andra Tarata, Technology Delivery Lead Manager


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