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The true function of a startup

By Alex Cojocaru | August 12, 2023

🚴🏼 🍊 🔥 I went on a long bike ride this weekend, and while pedaling…

Lessons learned after three years of leadership

By Alex Cojocaru | August 10, 2023

After my third anniversary as CEO of Licenseware, I typically take time to reflect and write…

Consultant horror stories

By Alex Cojocaru | July 31, 2023

Every consultant has an Excel horror story, and after many years of consulting work, I…

From Spreadsheets to Scripts (and then Licenseware) 🚀

By Alex Cojocaru | July 25, 2023

In my early days as a data analyst, I was engaged in a project for…

The Recursive: Championing Disruption in the ITAM Industry 🚀🔥

By Licenseware | July 21, 2023

The world of startups is a vibrant hotbed of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of…

Manage your Java with OJDM ☕

By Licenseware | July 20, 2023

Java is the backbone of countless applications worldwide. As a business, understanding your Java licensing…

Simplifying SQL Licensing with Maximum Virtualisation Analysis 🚀

By Licenseware | July 19, 2023

Understanding licensing can be a tricky affair for many. To make your life easier, let’s…

Navigating Tier 2 Software Publishers: Audits and Compliance

By Licenseware | July 18, 2023

Navigating the world of software giants like SAP, Oracle, and IBM, we’re all aware of…

Licenseware Featured in Startup Stash’s “Top Romanian Startups to Watch in 2023”

By Licenseware | July 13, 2023

We’re beyond thrilled to announce that Licenseware has been featured in Startup Stash’s “Top Romanian…

New Faster API Connection Method with Lansweeper 🤯

By Licenseware | July 13, 2023

At Licenseware, we’re continually seeking ways to enhance user experience, making processes faster and simpler.…

Microsoft Product Terms update for July 2023

By Licenseware | July 12, 2023

Microsoft has released an update to its Product Terms for July 2023. The update includes…

Upload Tagging: Elevating Data Management to New Heights 🏷️

By Licenseware | July 6, 2023

You asked, and we listened! We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of a much-anticipated feature:…


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